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Marvin Nygaard

Marvin was raised on a farm in northeast Saskatchewan. Like most farm boys, he learned a strong work ethic, responsibility, and accountability – characteristics that served him well later in life. One of the most important things his parents taught him was to treat everyone with acceptance and respect. These qualities later enabled him to become a successful educator, realtor, and real estate investor.

After leaving the farm, Marvin moved to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan. There, he earned B.ED and B.A degrees in math and science and became a high school teacher. His first teaching assignment was in rural Saskatchewan, where he taught chemistry, physics, and math. Before long he met his future wife, Deanna, whose connections in central Alberta led to his next assignment, teaching the same subjects at a community college near Red Deer, Alberta. They later moved to Calgary, where Marvin served as head of the science department at Sir Winston Churchill High. He was also employed part-time by Thomas Nelson & Sons (Canada) Limited, with whom he published Canadian editions of two physics textbooks, Fundamentals of Physicsand Frontiers of Physics.

At this point, Marvin decided to expand his career by enrolling in the M.Ed. and Ph.D. programs at the University of Calgary. Both degree programs required students to conduct research into a current problem area related to their field of specialization. Marvin chose program evaluation, which was an emerging new specialty in Canada, and secured enough contracts to cover the cost of the four years it took to obtain both graduate degrees. His new career as an Evaluation Research Consultant aroused the entrepreneurial spirit in him and encouraged him to seek out more consulting work in his new area of specialization. But in the early 80s, Alberta was in the midst of a deep recession and few funds were available for evaluation research contracts.

Instead, Marvin joined CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board) in 1981 as a part-time realtor and became full-time in 1986. His wife, Deanna, was already a member and served as Marvin’s full-time realtor partner until she retired in 2012. When they joined Re/Max, they found an office that shared their common values: the needs of their clients will always be placed ahead of their own needs for another commission cheque(from the Re/Max Realty Professionals Handbook). As a result of their desire to serve, they developed a strong repeat and referral business. Throughout their careers, Marvin and Deanna also took a special interest in real estate investment. They willingly shared the knowledge and experience they gained over the years with clients wishing to pursue this type of investment.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a single-family home, condominium, or residential rural acreage, with Marvin’s background in education and his extensive experience in real estate, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.


Re/Max Executive Club Award, Re/Max International
RE/MAX 100% Club Award, Re/Max International
RE/Max Platinum Club Award, Re/Max International
RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Re/Max International
Lifetime Achievement Award, Calgary Board of Education

Why You Should Contact Marvin Nygaard?

Marvin has been licensed with CREB since September 1981.
Marvin has been a full-time Realtor for 37 years.
Marvin knows the Calgary Market like the back of his hand!
Marvin works hard for Buyers finding the very best properties for the very least money
Marvin works hard for Sellers to find well-qualified Buyers for his listings.
Marvin believes that the needs of his clients should always come first.
Marvin is a Member of the Re/max Hall of Fame
Marvin is a recipient of the CREB Lifetime Achievement Award

Education & Work History

High School, Star City, Saskatchewan, Grade 12, 1956
Undergrad Education: B.Ed., B.A., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, 1962
High School Teacher, Math and Science, Forest Lawn High School, Calgary, 1962-1963
College Teacher, Berman University, Lacombe, Alberta, College Physics, 1963-64
Science Department Head, Sir Winston Churchill High School, 1966-1972
Author, Fundamentals of Physics, andFrontiers of Physics, 1968, by Marvin H. Nygaard, B.Ed., B.A., , Canadian Edition, Thomas Nelson’s and Sons, (Canada ) Limited, Don Mills, Ontario, 1968.
Graduate Education: M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Calgary, 1976
Evaluation Research Consultant, Canadian Institute for Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Calgary, 1976-1981